Technology development

Human space exploration not only is an immense source of inspiration for people around the world, but also contributes greatly to the generation of scientific knowledge, the advancement of technologies and the diffusion of innovations. At CIRiS, we enable innovative life science research in fractional gravity through technology development.

Hardware development at CIRiS builds on our expertise as a former User Support and Operations Centre for the European Space Agency’s payload and science operations on the International Space Station (ISS), as well as principal scientific investigators for several biological experiments on the ISS. This unique multi-disciplinary perspective combined with a versatile and innovative group delivers creative technology solutions with flexibility.

Creative and flexible technology solutions based on a multi-disciplinary perspective

We conceptualize, we design, we develop, we create, we innovate, we collaborate, we manage, we test, we implement, we manufacture, we integrate, we assemble, we document, we deliver to enable scientific breakthrough.

By managing and controlling fluids in closed systems, by regulating and monitoring environmental conditions (pressure and temperature), by subtractive and additive manufacturing, by generating and handling scientific data, we make possible growing plants and growing cells in microgravity.

Looking beyond our current projects with ESA for ISS, CIRiS aims at enabling cutting edge life science research and innovation worldwide, partnering with the other space agencies, with the new commercial actors, and beyond Low Earth Orbit (LEO) with the Deep-Space Gateway, the moon village and further.

Selected projects


Sophie Labonnote-Weber
Senior Researcher and Research Manager, PhD